Mar 26, 2017

Trump Openly THREATENS Any Lawmaker Who Opposes Him

Neither Democrats OR Republicans are safe because Donald Trump is THREATENING everyone on Capitol Hill. Now, Trump is warning Republicans to go along with Trumpcare … or else.

We’ve all heard by now of Trump’s benefits-gouging plan to replace Obamacare. And many of its proposals are so shocking that fierce bipartisan opposition has opened up against Trumpcare in recent days.

We expected the Democrats to rail against Trump’s healthcare plan. What we DIDN’T expect was for so many Republicans, even conservative ones, to rail against it too.

And there’s already rumors floating around that Trump’s going to unseat one or two Republicans in 2018 just to show that he is someone to be FEARED. That’s the behavior of a tyrant, not of a president.

North Carolina Republican Mark Meadows has been spearheading recent conservative attacks against Trumpcare. But now even he is obviously taking Trump’s threats to heart.

“The President has a very powerful bully pulpit and a very powerful tweet,” Meadows said. “I would never want to take on the President in either of those realms.”

Whatever happened to having principles and standing up for what is right? In Trump’s America, those days are long gone, seeing as how the Orange Tyrant will sink to any level in order to make sure that he has the total submission of the GOP.

Trump didn’t even win the popular vote in 2016 – he’s a minority president that has NO mandate to gut the American Dream with his nightmarish policies. We must hold Team Trump to account before they run our nation completely into the ground.

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