Mar 12, 2017

Poor White Trump Fans Are Now Terrified

by Colin Taylor

Now that the election is finally over and Donald Trump is going to be our next president, Trump’s own voters are discovering, to their horror, that Trump might actually go through with what he said he was going to do.

Not the parts about cleansing corruption from Washington, of course. No, the part where he’s going to take away health care from millions of his supporters. Republican have spent the past four years trying to repeal Obamacare a good sixty or so times, so we have a fair idea of what that might look like.

The Urban Policy Institute predicts that based off a “partial repeal plan previously passed by Republicans in Congress, 30 million people would lose insurance, 82 percent of them would be in working families and 56 percent would be white. Among adults who would lose insurance, 80 percent don’t have college degrees.” In other words, Trump’s key demographic groups.’s Senior Editor Sarah Kliff ventured into the heart of Trumpland, where she found anxiety over the Obamacare repeal to be quite high.

Trump voter Debbie Mills told Kliff that “I don’t know what we’ll do if it does go away. I guess I thought that, you know, [Trump] would not do this. That they would not do this, would not take the insurance away. Knowing that it’s affecting so many people’s lives. I mean, what are you to do then if you cannot . . . purchase, cannot pay for the insurance? ”

Mills apparently didn’t take Trump seriously, and supported him for “other reasons:” “I guess we really didn’t think about that, that he was going to cancel that or change that or take it away. I guess I always just thought that it would be there. I was thinking that once it was made into a law that it could not be changed.”

Every American deserves cheap and affordable healthcare as a human right, and we would never be pleased at Trump fans falling sick or dying because their champion turned his back on them. It is difficult to understand, however, why they would have voted for him in the first place if they’re worried about him literally doing the things that he literally said that he would do.

And even if he didn’t, Republicans have retaken both the House and the Senate. Is there anything the Republican Party has done in the past six years to indicate they wouldn’t tear apart Obamacare at the first chance they get, even though the still have no alternative?

Over the next four years, Trump fans – and the president himself – will be learning the hard way that decisions do have consequences. –Occupy Democrats

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