Mar 26, 2017

Missing Wife

A man went to the police to report that his wife was missing. . .went shopping the day before and had not come home. So, the police sergeant started to ask the usual questions, such as, the person's distinguishing physical characteristics.

Sergeant : What is her height?
Husband : Gee, I really never noticed...about five feet?

Sergeant : Build?
Husband : Not really fat but not slim either.

Sergeant : Color of eyes?
Husband : Dunno.

Sergeant : Color of hair?
Husband : She dyes and changes her hair color several times in a year -- maybe red.

Sergeant : What was she wearing?
Husband : Could have been a skirt or shorts.

Sergeant : Did she go in a car?
Husband : No, she went in my truck.

Sergeant : What kind of truck?
Husband : A brand new Ford F150 with special ordered eco-boost V6 engine with manual transmission. It has custom matching white cover for the bed, special alloy wheels, and off-road Michelin tires. There is also a small scratch on the door on the driver's side.

Sergeant: All right, Sir, we’ll do our best to find your truck.

-Contributed by Ralph

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