Jul 24, 2016

Trump’s Logo Failed So Miserably

by April Hamlin

Donald Trump announced Indiana governor Mike Pence as his vice presidential pick via Twitter on Friday and unveiled his campaign’s new logo. To say the least, it didn’t go over well, at all. Twitter erupted in brutal mockery of the Trump/Pence logo almost immediately. For reference, here is the image. It may well go down in history as the worst logo ever created.

People were quick to point out that “TP” stands for “toilet paper,” which is remarkably appropriate when you consider all the crap that spills from Trump’s mouth every time he opens it. And of course, they had to drag poor Beavis into it.

Others were more taken aback by the way the “T” penetrates the “P.” An angle that Samantha Bee from Full Frontal had quite a bit of fun with, posting the following GIF with the caption “Breaking the Mattress of America.”

Apparently, the heat got a little too hot for the presumptive Republican nominee, because by Saturday morning the logo had completely vanished. Trump and his conservative minions had scrubbed the image. Trump’s website no longer features the logo or even a picture of his new running mate, instead going with just a picture of the bigoted billionaire himself and his trademark slogan “Make America great again.”

The logo is also missing in action from Republican the National Committee’s website.

If Trump and his new best buddy Pence thought it would be that easy to erase the existence of their disastrous logo failure, they clearly don’t have a full understanding of how this whole internet works. This pitiful blunder will live on, if only for our amusement. In the future, Trump’s campaign would be well advised to use a different design company when it comes to creating their logos. Honestly, you have to wonder if the logo’s creator was really so clueless that the obvious shortcomings of the design just happened to slip under their radar, or if the image was just a very public trolling. Either way, Trump is trying really hard to pretend it didn’t happen. –Addicting Info

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