Apr 24, 2016

The Last Child Support Payment

Author Unknown

It was his daughter's 18th birthday. Month after month, year after year, he faithfully sent the child support payment!

So, he called Lakeesha, his now-adult child, to come to his house, and when she got there, he told her, "Baby girl, I wan' ya to take this check over to yo Momma and tell her this be the last check she ever be gettin' from me, and I wan' ya to come back and tell me the 'spression on her face."

And so, Lakeesha took the check over to her Momma anxious to hear what she had to say and to see the expression on her face.

Lakeesha walked through the door and using the exact same words she heard earlier, she handed the check to her mother.

When Lakeesha returned to report that she did as she was told, he asked, "Now what yo Momma say?"

Lakeesha said, "To let ya know that 'yo ain't my daddy'...and to watch the 'spression on yo face."

-Contributed by Ralph

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