Feb 28, 2016

10-Year-Old Writes Badass Letter To Troops

By Reid Mene

A passionate ten-year-old’s letter to U.S. troops is starting to go viral, but it’s the boy’s final sentence that’s making headlines.

The letter was first uploaded to Facebook by military wife Misty Allen-Brummett, after her husband, who has served for the last 13 years, sent it to her, she told BuzzFeed.

Although Allen-Brummett isn’t related to the boy, when she came across the letter she thought the world needed to see it.

The boy’s letter offers up plenty of patriotism and some colorful language on what the troops should do to ISIS.

Check it out:

This isn’t the only way the little boy tried to aid the troops.

While most kids have trouble giving away any of their Halloween candy, this little boy sent out a care package with all his candy, accompanied by the letter:

According to Allen-Brummett, the boy’s mother contacted her after the post started to go viral.

Recalling what the boy’s mother said after reading letter’s ardent language, Allen-Brummett stated:

    “The mother at first was going to make him change the bad language but then decided that maybe the troops would get a good laugh and sent it with his candy and a letter from herself.”

Now that’s one badass kid. –Independent Journal

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