Jan 3, 2016

Why People Forward Anecdotes, Articles, And Jokes . . .

If you sometimes wonder why folks keep forwarding jokes and articles to you. . .it is simply way of their wanting to keep in touch.

Quite frankly, sometimes, people really have nothing exciting or important to say, but just to keep in contact, they forward an anecdote, an article or some joke.

Also, there are times when friends want to tell you something but an anecdote, an article or some joke which they came across expresses their thoughts so much better.

Believe it or not, you are important to your friends---that is why they befriended you to begin with, but there are times when they just feel inadequate to let you know how much you mean to them. . .so, guess what? They forward an anecdote, an article or a joke to you.

So, next time you get a "forwarded" article or joke from anyone [including me], please be assured that it is simply some folks' [my] way of letting you know that you've been in thei[my] thoughts. –Contributed by Ralph/Author Unknown

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