Sep 13, 2015

Responsible Gun Owner Stephen King Has A Message For America That Needs To Be Heard

Stephen King knows horror, but not the kind of horror that happened in Charleston Wednesday night. King, a responsible gun owner, took to Twitter after the horrific murders in South Carolina’s most famous church to express his views on gun control. Hopefully people are listening.

“Until responsible gun owners support responsible gun control laws, innocent blood will continue to flow. How many times must we see this?”

The message is straight forward and to the point. The arguments that gun control will lead to the destruction of our country because only criminals will be able to get a gun are ludicrous. Gun control isn’t about repealing the second amendment or rounding up the firearms legally obtained by law-abiding citizens, it’s about common sense laws that may help identify people like Dylann Roof and Adam Lanza.

King wasn’t finished with just one tweet, which has been retweeted and favorited thousands of times:

“Too many closed minds on gun control. Worse, far too many PROUDLY closed minds. Meanwhile, the American shooting gallery remains open.”

That’s about as profound a statement as one can make. Not only do the closed minds of the right refuse to recognize a problem with gun violence, they proudly deny it. Bring up gun control in conservative circles and the conversation quickly changes to who owns what kind of gun and how unafraid they are to use it against “bad guys” or the government, should they ever try to take it away.

It’s a culture that grows more dangerous by the day.

King still wasn’t finished venting:

“According to Bloomberg Business, gun deaths will exceed traffic fatalities in America this year. Can't put a seatbelt on a semi-automatic.”
You certainly can not. Remember, this comes from a responsible gun owner. Yes, right-wingers, it is possible to own a firearm without being a danger to society, though most of you will never qualify with your cowboy desires and vigilante mentality.

King weighed back in on Friday night on the issue of the confederate flag flying in South Carolina with an added bonus to piss off ammosexuals:

“The Confederate flag flying over a state capital is disgusting, but it's a sidetrack. The real problem comes with a 30-shot clip.”

Uh oh. He called it a “clip” and not a “magazine.” Now the right-wing extremists get to say since he doesn’t know the proper terminology his argument is invalid.

Here’s some proper terminology for you:

Take your 30 round clips and your assault rifles and all your other unnecessary weaponry and shove them straight up your a**es. We’re tired of the mass shootings. We’re tired of reading about toddlers killing each other. We’re tired of hearing about how a pack of idiots with guns makes America safer somehow as the death toll rises.

We’re just plain tired of it. –If You Only News

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