Sep 27, 2015

Love Personified

On Valentine’s Day which just recently passed, a man who appeared to be in his early to mid-40s carrying four boxes of chocolate, four bouquets of flowers, and four Valentine's cards laid his purchases on the check-out counter.

The young female cashier rolled her eyes as she looked at the man's wedding band, as she muttered loud enough for all to hear: "These players and swingers make me sick!"

This caused everyone else in line to give the man a "funny" look, too.

Noticing everyone's reaction, the man spoke loud enough for all to hear and said:

"The first set of card, chocolate and flowers is for my Mom; my Dad recently passed away, he used to do this for my mother. . .he taught me how to give love. The second set is for my wife because I love her. . .she has taught me how to receive and treasure love. The third set is for my young daughter. . .I want to teach her how she should be treated and who she should give her love to." And looking at the young female cashier, he said: "This last set is for you because I want you and everyone else in this line to know that someone can show love and better understanding without expecting anything in return. Have a blessed day!"
The young female cashier's jaw dropped, and everyone else's did too.

~Author Unknown/Contributed by Ralph

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