Sep 27, 2015

Another Flag Has Been Deemed A Symbol Of ‘Racist Hate’

Another flag has been deemed racist and must be taken down because of its hateful nature. Do you know what racist flag I am speaking about this time? Well, one particular liberal idiot states that this flag, which is supposed to honor our brave men and women, is in all reality perpetrating lies. According to him, this flag is so “heinous” that it needs to be put away for good and never be thought of again.

I bet for a moment there you were thinking this was about the Confederate flag again. Nope, not this time. This time it is about the POW/MIA flag that flies over many government buildings and honors Americans who are still missing and unaccounted for in Vietnam.

In the pages of Newsweek, Rick Perlstein attacks the POW/MIA flag, saying, “That damned flag: It’s a shroud. It smothers the complexity, the reality, of what really happened in Vietnam.”

Perlstein’s allegations don’t end there. He also claims that the missing Americans and POWs were a political ruse invented to deflect from the war crimes committed by America.

During the Nixon years, the Pentagon moved [missing, downed pilots] into a newly invented “Missing in Action” column. That proved convenient, for, after years of playing down the existence of American prisoners in Vietnam, in 1969, the new president suddenly decided to play them up. He declared their treatment, and the enemy’s refusal to provide a list of their names, violations of the Geneva Conventions—the better to paint the North Vietnamese as uniquely cruel and inhumane. He also demanded the release of American prisoners as a precondition to ending the war.

Nowhere in the entire article does Perlstein EVER “prove” how the flag is even remotely racist. The best I can guess is that Perlstein feels that the flag is racist towards the Vietnamese people, but I still am not understanding how. In my opinion, it seems that Rick Perlstein has way too much time on his hands to sit around and dissect how this flag is racist. The only good thing that can come of this is that hopefully this liberal rag of a news publication will finally collapse. –Mad World News

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