Aug 16, 2015

The Fly

There once was a happy little fly which buzzed leisurely around a barn, when it suddenly came upon a large pile of fresh cow manure.

Since it had been a while since it had its last meal. . .the smell of the fresh cow manure stirred its hunger pangs, and it suddenly felt ravenously hungry. So, down to the irresistible fly delicacy it swooped and lit upon the pile of fresh cow manure. There it feasted until it could not take another lick. Finally, it cleaned off the bits of cow manure which stuck to its tiny front legs, and after letting out a few belches, it attempted to continue its flight.

But alas! To the fly's dismay, after having pigged out, it simply could not get off the ground.

So, it looked around the barn as it wondered what to do. Finally, it spotted a pitchfork leaning upright against the wall on one side of the barn.

"Aha!" the fly thought..."if I could just get to the top of that pitchfork's handle, I could then leap off, become airborne, and I'd be able to fly again."

So, painstakingly the fly crawled to pitchfork, worked its way up the pitchfork all the way to the top of the handle. Once up there, it took a deep breath, spread its tiny wings, and leaped confidently into the air.

Unfortunately, with all the extra weight of the cow manure as result of the fly's gluttony and surfeiting, it dropped like a rock, and splattered all over the floor...a dead fly!

The moral to the sad story? Never fly off the handle when you know you're full of shit! -Contributed by Ralph/Author Unknown

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