May 31, 2015

Boston Bomber Just Learned Where He’ll Await Execution

Dzhokar Tsarnaev, who has been sentenced to death for bombing the Boston Marathon in 2013 along with his brother, now knows where he might spend his last days.

The convicted terrorist may await his death at the ADX Supermax facility in Florence, Colo., just southwest of Colorado Springs.

Most Americans have probably never heard of this facility, but prison warden Robert Hood describes the maximum-security jail as “pretty close” to hell.

And, given the lengthy appeals process that is a usual part of the American legal system for prisoners on death row, Tsarnaev may find himself at ADX Supermax for decades.

The prison has become infamous for driving its inmates insane due to the constant isolation. Several prisoners there have filed lawsuits claiming they were being continually abused because they were locked up at this facility.

One lawsuit said, “Prisoners interminably wail, scream and bang on the walls of their cells. Some mutilate their bodies with razors, shards of glass, writing utensils and whatever other objects they can obtain. Some swallow razor blades, nail clippers, parts of radios and televisions, broken glass and other dangerous objects. Others carry on delusional conversations with voices they hear in their heads, oblivious to the reality and the danger that such behavior might pose to themselves and anyone who interacts with them.”

The Supermax prison was built in 1994. It now holds approximately 400 inmates, each in an 87-square foot cell. Each prisoner has at least a metal, immobile bed; a cement desk and stool; and a metal sink and toilet.

As a terrorist, Tsarnaev will likely be let out of his cell about 10 hours a week for exercise. He will rarely see the face of another human.

“These are places to silence us. To keep you controlled. I consider the Supermax as a psychological torture chamber. That’s what it is,” convicted terrorist Shain Duka said in a special interview with The Guardian.

The facility has also been a temporary home for Ramzi Yousefi, the man who orchestrated the bombing of New York in 1993 and Unabomber Ted Kaczynski (H/T The Daily Caller).

Certainly, the ADX Supermax sounds like something out of Dante Alighieri’s description of hell in his 14th century epic poem, “The Divine Comedy.” But this is real.

Furthermore, Tsarnaev and his now-deceased brother, Tamerian, were responsible for putting the 264 people they hurt and the families of the three people they killed through hell.

In that light, the Supermax facility seems an appropriate final residence for the Chechen terrorist. –Source: Conservative Tribune

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